A Great Mass Communicator…For an Already Existing Fan Base

I continue to believe that the Internet does not act as a marketing or promotional tool, but is more of a reverse device that allows further discovery after initial exposure.
You hear a song on the radio, you Google the title, a few lyrics, or the band name, and then the Internet kicks in with access to further information.
It also acts a great mass communicator for an already existing fan base.
But to believe it is a primary marketing tool is just further Kool Aid.

Can there be moments of discovery via advertising, suggestions, etc?
Of course.
Is it creating critical mass or deep exposure?
Absolutely not.
My belief renders the Spotify premise, wrong and absolute.
Same theory applies to everything else.
The whole bullshit over Shazam is a fucking laugh as well.
Thier discovery is post marketing and promotion, not pre.

The bandwidth is far too cluttered and strangled to create genuine critical mass, and without that, it is merely pimples on the ass of such.