A massive problem is executive talent.

Not in any particular order:

– Step Johnson
– Henry Droz
– John Hammond
– Clarence Avant
– Simon Draper
– Johnny Barbis
– Jac Holzman
– Billy James
– Ahmet Ertegun
– Mo Ostin
– Clive Davis
– Clive Calder
– Mario Medious
– Joe Smith
– Bhaskar Menon
– Leonard and Phil Chess
– Berry Gordy
– Chris Blackwell
– David Geffen

The list is endless, but it becomes very apparent, there is no one present day to fill any of these shoes, to any degree.
A huge part of the problem.
Irving Azoff is the last of the true titans, and to a degree, Barry Weiss.
John Janick is no Ahmet, and Cameron Strang is certainly not Mo.
A massive problem is executive talent.