ADrev and Data Mining

The feeder of all of these things, streaming, YouTube, Google, etc. is advertising revenue, and of course data mining.
Everything is an adrev model and people will not convert to subscription, simply because we have all learned to tune out advertising.
Advertising falls into the blank it out zone. We’ve grown so accustomed to seeing it that we just don’t see it anymore, unless it’s completely obtrusive, and then we just go, fuck you and your product, wait the 5 seconds and move on.


Ever since TiVo, advertisers started to panic, then you add in the decline of print, satellite radio, and they went galloping off to find ways to reach the consumer. Hence the massive spend on Internet advertising. The money spent on this is insanity, and hunch says it really doesn’t work, at least not on me.


They get glimmering reports with CPM, CPC, CPE, CPV all written up to look great, but I truly wonder if they even bother to see if the ad is selling product, or is it, they too drank the Kool Aid and have no other place to go to spend that advertising budget.


That’s the real genie that’s out of the bottle, the cultural shift in consumer entertainment habits which have allowed the Internet to become base point one for advertising spends.