Adrev Money and Equity Participation

I have screamed this for years now.
Why wasn’t YouTube being policed?
Why did labels push content onto YouTube?
Why did they entice artists to do so?
They were being paid adrev money, hidden behind an NDA.

Why do Internet marketing departments, at record companies, prod acts into doing Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora, Rdio, initiatives?
They are being paid adrev money and own equity.

Why are the labels pro streaming?
Adrev money and equity participation.

Every streaming company has the same goals, adrev, acquisition, or IPO.
THAT is the business model.

Why didn’t they do a damn thing to protect the artists and content creators?
Adrev covered them in lost recorded music sales. PERIOD.
And they found the gray area in contracts to cancel everyone out of participating.

If you can’t beat them, join them.
And they did, and raped everyone in the process.
All the major labels, Merlin, the bigger indies, select managers, and perhaps lawyers.

You think you got screwed before? This is one for the ages.
If I am wrong, I challenge everyone to open up their balance sheets and let’s see the adrev paid, collected and dispersed.

The ultimate betrayal, sleeping with the enemy.