Comedic Press Spin of The Week : Imagem

Greatest, and most comedic press spin of the week goes to Imagem.
Instead of saying the truth:
We overpaid out the ass for these copyrights, but hey, it was pension fund money.
Then we put it on the auction block and every potential buyer laughed their ass off at the asking price.
Not to mention they’ve been laughing at us for years, due to what we paid and our fine staff.
Imagem simply said:
“We have decided it is in our best interests not to sell.”
“However, today Imagem has confirmed that, following a Board review, is has decided to switch its strategy to “growing [our] activities further, including through new acquisitions”
It said in a statement that it had drawn “great interest from many parties, either trade parties or new (financial) parties, to acquire the whole Imagem Group or specific parts”.

Great interest from your ass.