Eating Their Tail

So radio’s numbers are down, hence advertising revenue (our old friend adrev) is down.
“Promotions” help replace some of that lost income (opposite of label issues).
Then they are fed weekly, like junkies, they get hooked.
I’m talking thousands of dollars per station per week per song.
They then have to play marginal music, which further drives listeners away, decreasing their Arbitrons, creating a bigger need for other revenue.
Eating their tail.
Where I find real humor in this is, the labels are advocating streaming, which is taking a chunk out of radio.
But the labels need radio to drive hits.
Also eating their tail.
They’re going to fuck themselves out of business.
Most of this is predicated by who cares about the P&Ls, give us market share, which is groovy, until the driver no longer has effect due to the new toy taking over.