Indie Publishing Companies

Here’s another eye opener for all of you writers.
The proliferation of indie publishing companies, of all sizes, have one exit strategy in mind, and that is to sell the company for specific multiples. You’re getting fucked in that game as well, and I’ll explain how…

You get your small advance, maybe no advance, which is fine, because there is zero revenue out there. Then you’re promised all kinds of things, then of course only little things appear, you know, a cut on some K Pop record, a cut in Mesopotamia, little shit.

Then you and your friends (who are all in the same boat), commiserate and convince yourselves that shit’s gonna happen soon.
But here’s the end game for your publisher:

Collect publishing, collect copyrights, then find a buyer for the company.
However, YOU GET NOTHING on the sale and your publisher will sell for a 5 to 10 Xs multiple.
Which means if your little song only earned $100.00, it’s value in the sale will be $500.00 to $1,000.00, to your PUBLISHER, not YOU.

Get it? I bet that never crossed your mind. Wake up.