Music Business Machine

ThumbnailBLACKAs you know, I’ve been in this business for decades.
Experienced the good, the bad, the ugly.
Been fortunate and blessed along the way.
Lucky enough to have some astonishing mentors, teachers, and friends, along the way.
One in particular, Shep Gordon.

When I became successful I asked Shep what I could do to repay him.
He said: “If you want to repay me, now that you’re successful, I want you to spread it around.”
I’ve tried to do that, not only in business, but in life.
The music business has been very good to me, as has the world of finance, where I was lucky enough to diversify to, again lead by selfless mentors, whom I thank.

It breaks my heart what has happened to this business.
It breaks my heart even more to know that very few people will ever have their dreams come true like I did, and certainly not be able to reap the financial benefits at the same volume we did, back in the day.
What really makes me insane are the vultures who lie in wait for the hopefuls, the dreamers, the naive, who are merely looking for a way to live their dreams.
These snake oil salesmen are countless, and have sprung up all over the Internet.

As I prepare to retire completely from music, and devote my time to other business, there were always three things I wanted to:
– Write a real book about the business.
– Share knowledge freely, which is the purpose of this group.
– Build a genuine A&R filter, which is so badly needed, and none exist.

We have the typical data analysis of airplay to sales, a concept decades old and pretty much so 100% accurate.
We have Shazam, which identifies songs that people are actively searching for.
We have the vast array of social media, that also indicates popularity and reaction.
However, all of these are post the fact.
We also have industry standard testing platforms, which we have found a multitude of flaws and inaccuracies in.
Again, that is also post.

Don’t even get me started on these other so called sites that offer to test, and further offer opportunities.
It’s nonsense.
Let’s not even discuss the stupidity of algorithm based analysis in what is a hit song.

What we’ve built is a filtering mechanism, using specific metrics, that will help identify what the public feels is a hit song, at least one that rings true with them.
After that stage, it will then be put through a further filter comprised of genuine industry professionals, not some guy who did a remix for Cher in 1987.
After those two stages of filtering, it will then be humanized via a specific panel who have genuinely had hit records in their career, again not an engineering credit on some obscure single in 1952.

The problem with the Internet is a clogged bandwidth with zero filtering mechanism.
The problem with current data analysis is it is all in post.
There is great undiscovered talent out there.
We wanted to address how to find it.

Now the biggest part of this, it is absolutely FREE.
No cost.
Zero cost.
We have no need to derive income from helping people live their dreams.
The cost is the same thing Shep Gordon said to me:
“If you want to repay me, now that you’re successful, I want you to spread it around.”

Not only do we feel we have the superior filter, but we have built a machine that has the genuine ability to reach anyone in the music business.
I was so tired of seeing people spend their hard earned money on a dream.
It repulsed me.

If someone has a hit, this filter will find it.
When the filter finds it, we will open every door to have it heard.
I challenge any other site, in particular it’s owner, to go head to head with me on their background, accomplishments, and relationships in this business.

This is not only a great benefit to undiscovered talent, but an enormous benefit to the industry, who truly does not have a filter as specific as this.
A win for both sides.

We’ve had this in Beta for quite some time, and are convinced the filtering works.
Feel free to share this post.