Spotify IPO Launches by Spring

My guess would be the Spotify IPO launches by spring.
You can feel the ramp up and the powers that be are far too smart for to wait for the current tech bubble to burst. Those of you affiliated with major labels should start to see the propaganda, requests for “playlists” etc., start to heat up. Those affiliated with indie distribution, owned by the majors, will see the same. The roadshow will be a spectacle and I can only guess that someone, major label affiliated, will have the balls to cart along, perhaps even present. It is during the roadshow that you can be a voice, be disruptive. It won’t stop the IPO, but it may alter the book and fuck with the pricing.


This is a battle that can not be won in court. Nothing is illegal, it is just immoral. This is the second most disgusting event in the history of the music business, the first being the acceptance of the Google terms under NDAs. Music industry, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Real men go down with the ship, but you not only grabbed the lifeboats and life preservers, you pushed everyone out of the way to get to them. You’re all the despicable pussies that we always knew you were.
But you always knew you were too, since high school, didn’t you?