You Have Zero Say

I’ll remind you of this again. These small, boutique, indie type publishers, will sell you a song and dance, promise you the moon, stars, and the sun. They point out various perceived successes. Ramble on about the money to found in Asia and on Jupiter. However, their goal is simple. Acquiring copyrights. Not so much…

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Comedic Press Spin of The Week : Imagem

Greatest, and most comedic press spin of the week goes to Imagem. Instead of saying the truth: We overpaid out the ass for these copyrights, but hey, it was pension fund money. Then we put it on the auction block and every potential buyer laughed their ass off at the asking price. Not to mention…

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Indie Publishing Companies

Here’s another eye opener for all of you writers. The proliferation of indie publishing companies, of all sizes, have one exit strategy in mind, and that is to sell the company for specific multiples. You’re getting fucked in that game as well, and I’ll explain how…   You get your small advance, maybe no advance,…

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