We are 100% Back in the Single Environment

The chasm has become as wide as I said it would. We have two industries, radio driven hit singles on which forecasts are now made, and extremely small indie records of which little revenue is there. We are 100% back in the single environment of the early 60s. The game changer then was FM. There…

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Radio Chart Position is Based on Spins

You do realize that radio chart position is based on spins, right? Even if those spins are in overnights, in Bumfuck nowhere. Even if those spins come at the detriment of a labelmate, when promotion asks radio to pull back on one, to pump another one up. Even if those spins costs more than you…

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Watch This Bouncing Ball

Open up the checkbook, pay whatever you need to crank a song. Promotion is billed back to the artist. The song becomes a hit, let’s say sells 1-2 mm. 750 – 1.5 million in revenue. Artist is more than likely unrecouped anyway. So just mechanicals have to be doled out.   Then, because the song…

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