The Farce Known as the Grammys

A completely inaccurate method of voting.

1) You don’t vote genre specific, in which you have experience.
So the 80 year old classical arranger is voting for metal and conversely the young metal producer is voting for jazz.
Totally inaccurate voting.

2) Which creates either a multiple choice type effect, “fuck it, I’ll pencil in this dot”, or a vote based on name recognition, thereby rendering it a PR/ink contest.

3) If you have no experience in a particular genre, you should NOT be allowed to vote in it. Or we get things like “Jethro Tull for best metal record.”

4) Ink drives the whole thing. The money spent on Grammy publicity campaigns are staggering.

5) The year we had India.Arie get 7 nominations, I told her to expect to lose every single one.
Arista was outspending us, on Alicia, probably two dollars for every five cents we spent on the Grammy campaign.

6) You bet your ass there is more going on then they claim there is.
They claim top secret balloting, etc. Bullshit.
I clearly got the call to make sure India was at the nominations, so I knew we were getting nominated for something.

7) You can’t have something that resembles a vote by peers, they way the Academy Awards are.
Film is film, and though a million categories and genres, I am quite sure a skilled cinematographer can see quality, regardless of genre.
Completely opposite in music.

8) The Grammys do little for an artists career, outside of being able to label them: “Grammy nominated, or Grammy winner.”

9) The industry should be ashamed of themselves having such a glossy event, when people are losing their jobs, and their dreams, daily.

10) The origin of the Academy dates back to the beginning of the 1950s Hollywood Walk of Fame project.
The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce asked the help of major recording industry executives in compiling a list of people in the music business who should be honored by Walk of Fame stars.
The music committee, made up of these executives, compiled a list, but as they worked, they realized there were many more talented industry people who would not qualify to be recognized with a Hollywood Boulevard bronze star.
They saw a good opportunity to continue, so they did.

11) The only positive point of NARAS is the Music Cares foundation, which I applaud.

12) The Grammys became not a standard of excellence, but some bullshit bragging rights for labels, managers. label executives, lawyers and artists. You bet, Mr. DIY, Mr. Indie (Grohl), will kiss any ass he has to, to get a Grammy, when he should walk on stage and smash the fucking thing over the podium.