This Has All Been Fact.

Spotify has nothing to do with music, saving the music business, or helping the business, it’s artists, writers, producers, etc.
It is 100% a VC and PE backed tech venture whose end game is an IPO.
If you chose to believe otherwise, then you are a fool of the highest order,
You weren’t fool before, because you had no reason to understand VC, PE, IPOs, or the world of finance.
You now have proof.

You can do something about it, but if you continue to turn a blind eye, support a lie, and preach how wonderful streaming is, then you deserve to be a failure.
You deserve to have a worthless dream, and in the end, you deserve the fucking.
Knowledge is power, ignorance is bliss.
The old saying “Laughing all the way to the bank”, applies here.

The industry lost the battle a long time ago and have been playing cover my ass since then.
Instead of kicking ass, they went full tilt pussy and have now resigned themselves to sleeping with the enemy.
Like the hostage mentality, they gave in to their kidnappers.
“If you can’t beat them, join them.”

And you, millennial and Indie Nation, you were so vocal about the fuck the labels, so vocal about we don’t need them, so vocal about we can do it alone with just the Internet, etc. that you set the stage for the final fucking and they knew you would support them.
You allowed this to happen and you can now try to stop it, or in your new talk, be a disruption, not a victim.