White Culture Stole a Good Idea from Black Culture

Let’s clarify a few things, and withhold the IMHO.
So this group can have some depth and not the typical nonsense of other online groups.

– The whole “it takes ten writers to write a song today”. Do you know why?
It doesn’t “take” 10 writers. That was created so one particular publisher would have a bigger % of the copyright.
If you want a specific A list writer, you have to take the crew that comes along with it.
It was also created to get the newer writer credits.

This whole thing was born out of cliques which took birth in the early production days of hip hop and urban in general, where a drum programmer would get both a writing and production credit. It continued on into the writing side, when publishers saw an opportunity own a bigger slice of the pie.
It was further exacerbated by the lack of songwriting talent and the new world of “topliners”, which is bullshit, and was also born out of that sane urban era, where someone was needed to write the hook.

As the case with all music history, white culture stole a good idea from black culture. Now you have people like Dr. Luke and Red One, and everyone else, forcing a million writers on one track, for ownership and also because they are all limited in ability.

– Forget this IMO bullshit. The writing quality has greatly diminished.
I personally mentored hundreds of writers over the past few years. It was shocking how little they knew of the actual craft of songwriting.
Yes indeed there is a craft, a science.

And it’s when inspiration, talent, and craft meet that a hit song is created. Without knowledge of the craft, it’s like going into a street brawl with just your temper. Maybe you’ll accidentally win a few fights, but you will get your ass kicked more often than not.

If you have the tools and weapons, your odds become increasingly better. You can be as talented and as inspirational as you want, but if you have zero idea of the craft, you have a real problem.

– The writing problem is the same thing as the producer problem.
The immediacy of technology has eliminated learning the rudiments and basics. Not to mention studying the masters, the greats.
This generation is so far removed from the masters of writing, production, engineering, they are so diluted, the gene and influence pool is so shallow.
It’s pathetic, as is most of their work.

– Social media has given this ridiculous perception of accomplishment. We see all of these profiles that state: Songwriter, or Producer, or my personal favorite: CEO.
No you’re not. You’re an ASPIRING songwriter, producer, and CEO of what?

– For the last fucking time, yes music is both subjective and highly personal.
But there is indeed a standard of quality and exemplary work, in every genre.

– In songwriting, less is more, so please let’s lose the discussion of complexity.

– As a creator, your work is your personal interpretation of your influences, your own take and regurgitation of that.
If your influences are minimal, so will be your work.
Again I reference removal from the influence of the greats, and no motherfuckers, the greats are not a subjective opinion, but a reality.

– There are 12 notes in the entire universe.
It has all been done, but the mathematical possibilities are endless.

– Technology has all but destroyed everything.