You Have Zero Say

I’ll remind you of this again.
These small, boutique, indie type publishers, will sell you a song and dance, promise you the moon, stars, and the sun.
They point out various perceived successes. Ramble on about the money to found in Asia and on Jupiter.
However, their goal is simple.
Acquiring copyrights.
Not so much for the annuity income stream, but for the potential multiples they can make in a sale, and you’d better believe the end game is to sell.
Even if your songs earn very little, they will get somewhere between 5-11 times their aggregate last few years earnings in a sale.
So if they give you a dollar, and you songs earn fifty cents (on the average for the past three or so years), they will collect two to five dollars in multiples on the sale.
You won’t share in that and they have every right to sell.
You have zero say.